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In celebration of this Holiday Season, American Neoclassical Shred Guitarist Dean Cascione, and Canadian Composer Jay Menard (No Entry Media, Icewind), collaborated to bring you a a very special arrangement of a traditional Holiday song.

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Track Listing: A Season For Shred (Single)

1) Jingle Bells

     In "A Season for Shred : Jingle Bells",  Dean Cascione & Jay Menard tap their creativity and deliver a neoclassical arrangement of a traditional carol which has been chanted across the globe for over 150 years.  The song captures the original melody and is fueled with fierce fretboard wizardry, backed by a powerful orchestra. The neoclassical torch is held high and proud as the score pushes boundries of this holiday favorite to new heights.

        The original
masterpiece "Jingle Bells " was written by James Lord Pierpont in 1850 , Medford Massachusettes, and published under the title "One Horse Open Sleigh " . Its original intent was for the song to be sung at Thanksgiving. Shortly after its release, Jingle Bells became one of the most performed and most recognizable holiday songs of all time!

        With a twist of darkess, CGI Artist,  Weiye Yin continues his saga by providing the bone-chilling artwork. Influenced by the minor key of the songs arrangement, Weiye's insipration continues to break ground and explore uncharted territory with his original artwork.

     Binding the world-famous melody with a Neoclassical twist, Dean Cascione's
 " A Season for Shred: Jingle Bells " will take you on a rollercoaster ride that is sure to ignite childhood memories, fuel musical passion, and restore Holiday Magic!


A Season For Shred
"Jingle Bells"
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